Serenity (2005)

Director: Joss Whedon Rating: PG-13 Released: 2005


In the distant future, humanity has left the Earth to colonize a new solar system. Following a brutal civil war, the new system is under the control of a cruel government known as the Alliance. In this world, the crew of the space freighter Serenity struggle to find work in order to stay alive. Captained by Mal Reynolds, they travel the planets looking for cargo to haul. Their already difficult lives take a turn for the worse then they agree to transport a brother and sister named Simon and River Tam. What they don’t realize is that the Alliance is hot on the trail of River Tam because they want to use her psychic powers to tighten their control of the universe. Will the crew of the Serenity find a way to keep her out of the evil clutches of the Alliance or perish in the effort?

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